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Improve learning outcomes with immersive,

engaging, cost-effective solutions.

Microlearning solutions
for today’s culture

Unlock your organization’s full potential with magical learning moments The make vs buy paradox isn’t going away anytime soon, but let us help you make the decision a bit easier: off-the-shelf training will always deliver only the bare minimum. You’ll miss out on organizational intel and past learnings, you won’t be able to employ Learner Journeys effectively, you’ll compromise on engagement and interactivity.


You deserve more. ITTDigital takes a custom learning design approach rooted in adult learning theories and principles to ensure that the Elearning and Microlearning Solutions we design result in higher learner engagement and deeper knowledge retention. We’ll help your teams effectively understand new tools and technologies, adhere to processes, make behavioral changes, and improve productivity, all while keeping costs reasonable so you can see massive returns on investment.

Some cool things we’ve done

Drug Launch Training for Medical Sales Reps, Doctors & HCPs, and Patients

Application Simulation HRMS Training for HR Teams & Managers

Immersive Onboarding Training to Excite and Educate New Hires

Our Approach

When building our Elearning or Microlearning solutions, our goal is always to maximize impact. Our cognitive learning psychologists are deeply involved in conducting a thorough learner needs analysis, to ensure that what we ultimately build is impactful and meaningful.

Here are the kinds of things we’ll consider:

Content Diversity

Learning Paths & Journeys

Device Compatibility


Interactivity & Feedback

Social Learning

Motivation & Autonomy


Localization & Translation

Content Complexity

Comprehension Capability